May 15, 2008 DC Dragon Boat Festival POSTPONED

Potomac flooding precludes safe event, organizers say

Best Teammates Photo Contest also delayed until the DC Festival

We have decided that it is not possible to run races safely nor fairly on the river this weekend. This one highlighted sentence from the announcement by the organizers reduces it to its most important point.

After last weekend's for day blast of showers and thunderstorms, the flow at Little Falls, normally 10,000 cubic feet per second is running instead at 95,000 cubic feet per second.

The festival organizers (at have tentatively rescheduled till June 14-15, but they need agreement from the National Park Service.

UPDATE the June 14 weekend was scratched, the latest tentative date is May 31 - June 1.

As a result, Dragon Boat News is also postponing its best teammate photo contest. However, if you happen to send us photos from practices, with team name, names of those pictured, and permission to publish them, we might just do that! ;)

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