May 16, 2010, The Color of Dragon Boat Racing, Team Shirts at the 2010 DC Dragon Boat Festival

May 15 and 16

The Washington DC Dragon Boat Festival, came off on schedule this year at the Georgetown waterfront. The races on Saturday were run next to the Kennedy Center with the viewing area and team canopies on the lawn between Thompson's Boat House and the Kennedy Center. There were a very large number of local teams. One thing that always strikes the viewer is the colorful nature of Dragon Boat festivals. Much of that color comes from the team shirts, and this year was no exception.

northrup grumman team hams it up a little and shows off their t shirts

The Northrup Grumman team hams it up a little while showing off their team shirts.

The paddlers were enthusiastic about showing off their shirts when asked to pose for photos for Dragon Boat News. Wandering around to see them also tells its own story about the Washington DC Dragon Boat Festival. There are several distinct sub groups of teams. The host community of Chinese immigrants and their children (and even grandchildren) shows particular support for Taiwan. Several teams of adults sport Taiwan themed slogans and images, and the local Chinese schools send out youth teams. The ECS school in Chantilly, some of whose youth are seen in the photo below are one example.

ecs chantilly dragon boat team shirts

ECS Chantilly shows off their team shirts.

Go Pink DC, a team composed of breast cancer survivors and their families, is only one of the breast cancer survivor teams paddling in the DC festival, with Machestic Dragons also represented. This year there was also a team composed of blind paddlers, the Outta Sight Dragons.

Go Pink DC team members in purple shirts

The Go Pink DC team members showing off their purple shirts

Local college teams also make a strong showing. I only got photos of the UMUC and GMU shirts this year but usually, GWU and other local colleges have teams entered as well.

Large companies having many local employees are also in attendance. It is easy to see the attraction of a sport event which supports a worthwhile charity, and in which a team of good athletes can become relatively competitive with a few practices. Among them, I noticed Verizon (pictured below), KPMG, Bank of America, Ernst and Young, Northrup Grumman, and Booz Allen Hamilton.

the verizon team at the 2010 dc dragon boat festival

The Verizon team poses for a photo at the 2010 Washington Dc Dragon Boat Festival.

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All photos for this story by Joe Mann, all rights reserved

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