May 9, 2008 Dragon Boat News Announces Best Teammates Photo Contest for DC Festival

Dragon Boat News will hold a best teammates photo contest on May 17 at the Washington DC Dragon Boat Festival. Our photographer we on hand to photograph teammates from 10-11 on May 17. Alternately, you may email your entry to

All pictured teammates must be identified, whether from the same or from more than one team, and whether photographed by our photographer, or submitted to Dragon Boat News by email, and the team name must also be provided. Any photograph submitted in this contest may be published in the Dragon Boat News photo roundup of the DC Festival.

To get your teammates in a photo for the contest, either come by the event tent at the main gathering area between 10 and 11 on Saturday, May 17 and look for our photographer, who will be nearby and outside the tent and who will have a sign (probably hand made), a tablet for getting all your info, and for the lucky few, some giveaways. Sign up there and get your teammates photo taken.

Otherwise, email us your entry no later than noon, Monday, May 19, 2008. To be considered, your email subject line should read "contest entry" and email contents must indicate the first and last names of all teammates photographed and the team name. You can of course also include additional details, like nicknames, practice habits, why the festival was fun and — you get the idea. All photos must be taken on May 17 or 18 at the Washington DC Dragon Boat Festival or during team festivities that weekend. Only one photo per email will be accepted.

After our deadline on Monday, a best teammates photo will be chosen and the members pictured will be hailed as the News Kings and/or News Queens of 2008. What's more, their photo will head the Dragon Boat News story about the festival. So don't be shy, come on by.

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