2010 Washington DC Dragon Boat Festival Photos: Colorful Team Shirts

This was my 6th trip to the Washington DC Dragon Boat Festival. I could only spend two hours at the festival on Saturday but spent almost the whole time shooting. Besides these shirt photos, I got a fair number of, for lack of a better term, boat portraits, where I captured most of a boat''s crew in the shot, some good race photos, and some shots of the festival and its organizers.

First Page of Photos: Colorful Team Shirts

Second Page of Photos: Boat & Team Portraits

Third Page of Photos: Positioning Dragon Boats for the Races

These photos of paddlers in their team shirts are shown in the order I encountered them.

Feel the Burn

Feel the Burn Shirt

These red Feel the Burn shirts were done in great colors.

Tecro Yu–Shan

Tecro Taiwan Shirt, view 1

The first view of the Tecro Yu–Shan Team shirt showing the Republic of China flag on the right shoulder.

Tecro Taiwan Shirt, view 2

The second view of thenavy blue Tecro Yu–Shan Dragon Boat Team shirt a map of Taiwan on the left shoulder and the emblem on the front of the shirt.

Tecro Taiwan Shirt, view 3

The third view of the rear of the Tecro Yu–Shan Team shirt the motto “Defending Democracy in Taiwan.&rdquo

Clean Water Warriors

Clean Water Warriors Shirt

The team members of the Clean Water Warriors are from a mix of organizations advocating for improved environments, especially cleaner rivers. Their green tie died t–shirts are super.

Clean Water Warriors Shirt rear

Rear of the Clean Water Warriors team shirt.

Go Pink DC

Go Pink DC Shirts

These Go Pink DC paddlers show off their great purple shirts. The look like they are a synthetic, great for water sports. Go Pink DC is a team for breast cancer survivors

Go Pink DC Shirt rear

Rear of the Go Pink DC team shirt.

Washington DC Dragon Boat Festival Organizers

Washington DC Dragon Boat Festival Organizers Shirts

The shirt for the festival organizers has wonderful Washington themes. A red polo shirt with a cherry blossom shaped emblem over the hear. The emblem has red white and blue colors.

Bank of America

Bank of America Shirts rear

The rear of the Bank of America team shirts.

Bank of America Shirts

The Bank of America shirts were red with white print, saying Volunteer. It looked like they might use these shirts for a variety of local events.


DHC Shirts

DHC paddlers were stretching before their race. They had several types of shirts, all synthetic black shirts, some with DHC NYC on them in white, some with gold Chinese characters.

Taiwan Touch Your Heart

Taiwan Touch Your Heart Shirts

Tawian Touch Your Heart paddlers sitting on the ground practicing rowing positions. I saw their shirts last year, I wonder if they are from the ROC Embassy.

Black Dragons

Black Dragons Shirts

Black Dragons, a youth team, has competed for at least the past two years in the youth division. Their shirts looked like they were made with a stencil and fabric ink and had the paddlers names on back.

Reserve Energy

Reserve Energy Shirts

Reserve Energy paddlers warming up.

KPMG Warriors

KPMG warriors Shirts

KPMG Warriors had a very nice custom shirt. Cotton tees with white and red printing in a bright blue that was a popular choice this year. These three women showed the front and back.

KPMG warriors Shirts rear

The rear of the KPMG Warriors shirt had a nicely done dragon.

Northrup Grumman

northrup grumman paddler Shirts

Northrup Grumman was another company with a more generic company sport shirt, this one in that popular blue color. The shirt is synthetic with a nice white stripe.

northrup grumman paddler Shirts rear

The Northrup Grumman crew hammed it up for the shot of the backside of the shirts.

ECS Chantilly

ecs chantilly paddlers

ECS Chantilly is another youth team I've seen compete for at least the past 3 years. I believe they said it is the Experimental Chinese School. They posed for a team shot.

ecs chantilly paddler Shirt rear

The back of the ECS shirt features a dragon head in a black circle with two paddles bearing Chinese characters.

UMUC Virtual Dragons

umuc virtual dragon shirt rear

UMUC Virtual Dragons (university of Maryland University Campus) has worn these sharp black tank tops for the past 3 years. Very nice logo.


verizon dragon boat team shot

The Verizon Dragon Boat team posed for a team shot. Nice synthetic red soccer style shirts with collars.

Accenture High Performance Dragons

accenture dragons shirt rear

Accenture managed to work one of their slogans into their team name with the Accenture High Performance Dragons. Shirt rear shown.

accenture dragons shirt sleeve

The sleeve of the black cotton tee features the Accenture logo.

Booz Allen Hamilton

booz allen team shirt

The rear of the Booz Allen Hamilton team shirt shows the company''s name. A nice synthetic sport shirt in bright blue and gray.

PTO Piranas

pto piranas team

These Patent and Trademark Office Piranas were leaving the dock after one of their races. They have raced for the past several years. A nice green cotton tee with the name printed.

Outta Sight Dragons

outta sight dragons team

The Outta Sight Dragons were leaving the dock after their race and got a big applause from the Verizon team waiting to enter. Outta Sight Dragons are blind competitors, in their first year of racing.

Outta Sight Dragons

mad dragons team shirt

The Mad Dragons wear a black imprinted synthetic penny over tee shirts.

Ernst and Young

ernst and young team shirt

The Ernst and Young team wore yellow cotton tees with the company name.

Mason Dragons

mason dragons team shirt

The Mason Dragons, from GMU I believe, had a red cotton tee with a vivid logo.

Hua Fu Youth

hua fu youth team shirt

The Hua Fu youth are a team from a Chinese school in Maryland. They not only have sharp printed maroon long sleeve synthetic sports shirts, but also their own gold, imprinted peronal floatation devices. They are a very strong paddling team and won the heat I saw them compete in.

Machestic 3ragons

machestic dragons team shirt

The Machestic Dragons is another breast cancer survivor team, I believe they are from Philadelphia. They ahve a pink, patterned synthetic sport shirt with the team name and slogan. Shirt seen from the rear.

For me, all the color of race day is one of the things that makes the festival so festive. I love the atmosphere and the fun.

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First Page of Photos: Colorful Team Shirts

Second Page of Photos: Boat & Team Portraits

Third Page of Photos: Positioning Dragon Boats for the Races

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