2008 Washington DC Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Races, of course, are the main event. More than 40 teams were present and this year, perhaps due to the later date, the day was more consistently sunny and we managed to get a lot more good photos. Of course, it didn't hurt that we had a better camera this go round.

first race gets underway

The very first race of the 2008 DC festival gets underway

Hua Fu Youth boat

The Hua Fu Youth boat.

ecs chantilly youth boat

The ECS Chantilly youth dragon boat team.

go pink dc dragon boat team

Go Pink DC team gets to position.

hua fu youth dragon boat team racing

The Hua Fu Youth team soon after the first youth race got underway.

moving to the start line

A dragon boat team rows their boat to the start line

dragons boat team gets in position

Another team gets into position

practice stroke

This team practices their strokes while positioning their boat for the start.

4 dragon boat race starts

A four boat race soon after the start, Go Pink DC is plain from their feather boa-ed steerer.

dragon boat stop action

An action shot.

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