2008 Washington DC Dragon Boat Festival

We lead with the winners of the 2008 Best Teammates photo contest: The taiwan Benevolent Association of Greater Washington, our unofficially official kings and queens of the DC Gragon Boat Festival. Following that are photos of teams and teammates at the marshalling area, the boat house and other places around the festival.

tbagw best teammates of the dc dragon boat festival

Taiwan Belenvolent Association team photo - winners of the best teammates photo contest for the 2008 DC festival

ECS Chantilly

Members of the ECS Chantilly team.

dragon boat team shirts - ecs

I really liked the ECS team shirts, pictured here.

hua fu youth dragon boat team dc

Hua Fu Youth of Rockville getting fired up before their first race.

taiwan belevolent association of greater washington warms up

The Taiwan Benevolent Association of Greater Washington shows how it is done, warming up and practicing in the marshalling area of the DC 2008 Festival.

umuc virtual dragons warming up

The UMUC Virtual Dragons were just about to begin stretching and warming up. Loved their cardboard mortarboard hats.

umuc virtual dragons team shirts

Loved their shirts, too.

go ping dc team members at dragon boat festival

Some Go Pink DC team members walking back to the team waiting area after a race.

yushan taiwan dragon boat team

Members of the Yushan Taiwan team.

dragon boat team shirts

Another team with great team shirts.

a dragon boat team at the marshalling area

A team at the marshaling area.

red and yellow teams pass

The festival is colorful and not only on the water.

pittsburg paddlefish pfds

The Pittsburg Paddlefish have their own personal floatation devices, and they match their team shirts and shorts!

water hazards team shirts

The Water Hazards had inventive team shirts, can you see the dragon in the design?

green team wins

The team in green celebrates after winning a heat.

dc dragon boat festival volunteers

And let's not forget to appreciate the many festival volunteers and the folks who worked so hard organizing the 2008 Washington DC Dragon Boat Festival.

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