2007 Washington DC Dragon Boat Festival: Race Photos

We attended on Saturday this year. The weather was prime and though time was short we got more almost 350 photos. In years past the sky has been partly cloudy, casting shadows from time to time on the races. Not so this year - it was clear and sunny for the whole time we were there. We saw the 11th to the 20th races on Saturday.

"All this drumming and rowing! What is it all about?"

There were some great races and a lot of cheering. All in all a Great Day! This is the first bunch of photos I've gotten formatted up and ready.

red boat moving to the start line

A red Dragon Boat moves to the race starting line.

boats getting aligned

Racing boats moving to a position of alignment for the race start.

the starting line officials

the starting line officials managed the process of aligning the boats before racing.

dragon boats racing

The first of several race photos.

one blue dragon boat racing

Blue boat at full speed.

green and yellow dragon boats racing

Green and yellow boats racing. This may be team pink in front.

dragon boat race

Green and yellow once again.

blue, green and yellow dragon boats racing

Blue, green and yellow dragon boats racing.

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